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I am 25 years old and I have been on a diet as long as I can remember. With varying success. The last ten years, my weight has always been somewhere between 75 and 95 kg. I have tried a lot of things and they all somehow worked for me, but in the end I didn’t stick to it and put my weight back on, sometimes less, sometimes more. The last time I was close to my ideal weight was in April 2007. I followed a diet called Metabolic Balance, which worked really well for me. I then moved in with my boyfriend (who basically ignored all my dieting habits) and joined the board of a student organization and it all went downhill from there. Even though I left my boyfriend after a few months and went to live by myself again, I never got grip on my weight again, even though I always tried. It all got worse when I went to study abroad in the summer of 2008, which involved a lot of partying and I gained even more weight and then went to Canada to work in the board of a student organization there. I never weighed myself there, but when I came back my mum thought I was pregnant and my friends told me “I got a little chubby”. After I started working out this summer and two more or less successful periods of Metabolic Balance, I got rid of most of my Canadian chubbiness, but am still very unhappy with the way I look and feel. Which, let’s be honest, is not surprising if you’re 1,77m and weigh 102,6 kg. Luckily my weight is somehow spread over my body and I don’t look this heavy, but still. I’d rather not have other people seeing me naked.

So I will start documenting my weight loss journey from here on, keeping a food, exercise and weight diary on Twitter and sharing some thoughts here on this blog to keep myself motivated and maybe find some people who are on a similar mission. I want to lose a little more than 25 kg so that I weigh 75 kg, which I have found to be ideal for myself. My goal is to lose five kg every month. I will do so by working out three to four times a week and sticking to a low-carb diet that comes close to Metabolic Balance, which I will write about another time. I have been doing so since the summer and the exercise part is no problem for me (except when I was out of town half-november and almost the whole december and did not have my gym-membership for that time), but I have been struggling with the diet. I like chocolate and sugar too much and always find myself adding a nice dessert or some chocolate here and some cookies there. But there are ways to keep me from doing that and sharing is one of them!


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