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Posted on: March 11, 2010

Dear diary,
I was at Pilates again yesterday and today I can actually move. I have also decided that while it is absolutely not fun and it hurts, Pilates is a necessary evil I should live with because the effects speak for themselves. My weight is somewhere around 101 kg…the weird thing is that last week when I ate the occasional chocolate or pudding or pasta I was below that and that since I haven’t done that since monday it seems to go up again. Oh the mystery that my body is!!! I did not have problems with my eating behavior in the last few days…I managed to talk back to the inner child, even though it came only once, I went to the gym…since all the pressure about finding a job is gone things are very easy. I was also very busy finishing my thesis this week (I have my defence presentation tomorrow) so that kept me from obsessing about food. Unfortunately I still have to finish that presentation and I am unsure about a lot of things…so maybe I will just make a long presentation and discuss with my best friend tonight which parts I should leave out. I am very excited for the presentation, but good-excited and not completely stressed out. Well, only at times.
Once the presentation is done I have a nice weekend of partying ahead of me and then two weeks of saying goodbyes (which will involve a lot of eating out) to my friends here and moving preparations. I already packed the first two boxes today 🙂 Well, I have to get to work.


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