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Good things…

Posted on: March 5, 2010

…happen to me. Or so it seems. Yesterday I received great news: I got the job that I interviewed for in Dublin and that I obsessed about so much. I am soooo incredibly happy. I am not even graduated and I have a supergreat job at one of the best companies in the world waiting for me!

Unfortunately that company is also known for feeding its employees very well and providing sweets and treats at any time…so I’ll face days full of temptations but I will come up with some kind of rule for myself and never let myself get used to eating all the time there. And they also have a gym…so I can also work out there. When I received the news I got very excited and I skipped dinner. I just wasn’t in the mood to eat. I don’t know why, maybe because the uncertainty and the pressure are gone, I don’t feel the urge to stuff my face all the time. Plus, I have a ton of things to do now. My graduation is in a week, my thesis is not completely done (oops, I’l REALLY REALLY work on it today), I have to find somebody for my room in Utrecht, plan moving back to my parents and then from there to Dublin and all the bureaucratic hassle that comes with it. I AM LOVING IT ALREADY.

I also weighed myself today on my own scale and it said 100.7 (222 pounds). Even though it is not two-digit yet, it is an all-time low since I started my diet diary. I’ll be a good girl today and tomorrow (and all the other days too) and then I can hopefully welcome the UHU (as we say in German for below hundred). It’s a huge mental barrier, just because the number feels so much smaller and I have scratched it quite some times and went below it once, but then weird things happened and I got back to where I was. NOT THIS TIME. I can feel all the positive change going on and this is part of it. And now I have to do another food murder…because I am moving in three weeks! The last one was very good, but of course I still had some stuff left and now I only bought nice healthy things so I’ll go to the kitchen, make an inventory and a plan.


3 Responses to "Good things…"

Congratulations!! Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to.

I have been a bit distracted lately and probably forgot to tell you that I bestowed a blogging award on you a few days ago!


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I haven’t seen it…probably also a little distracted 🙂 I’ll start thinking who to pass it on to.

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