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Cannot move

Posted on: March 4, 2010

I made up my mind about going to the gym and decided that I should get a new membership for a month right away and just use it as long as I can. So when my roommate told me she was going to Pilates yesterday I joined her. It was tough and I felt every single one of those body core muscles. And now I feel them even more, and it is probably going to get worse. Even though it is not the most comfortable feeling, I LOVE IT! Something good is happening to me. Today (and maybe tomorrow too, depending on how sore I feel) I am not going to the gym, but I can’t wait to hit it again 🙂

My eating is a whole different story…even though I was doing good during the days, I snapped both tuesday and wednesday night and ate a lot of random crap 😦 I am under a lot of tension right now, so that is the explanation/excuse, but it shouldn’t be like this. Maybe I should do more yoga. Go back on vacation. Good thing is, the tension will most probably be over tomorrow. Maybe I can lock myself up in my room until then. I also don’t dare to weigh myself. DEAL: I will stop munching and weigh myself tomorrow morning? I think so.


1 Response to "Cannot move"

My DH came to pilates with me a few weeks ago for the first time and thought it wasn’t much. Yoga and vacation sound good:)

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