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3 weeks later

Posted on: March 1, 2010

Dear diary and diary readers :),

first, let me excuse myself for not writing in such a long time…this is a typical sign of how I fail to integrate conscious dieting into my life as soon as things start to get busy and crazy. Probably where things always go wrong. I didn’t even do a lot of crazy eating and stuffing…I was just very busy, obsessed with other things and wasn’t thinking through what I ate and because I wasn’t really thinking I also didn’t feel like blogging. Plus, I was working on (yet another) final version of my thesis. By now, I have set my graduation date and am working on the REAL final version. I went on a short trip to Dublin for a job interview. Preparing the interview and obsessing about it afterwards also consumed a lot of time. The interviews went well and I hope to get some good news this week. I’ll keep you posted. Promise. I was also working in my student job and then, on Saturday 20th I went on a well-deserved vacation to Egypt. It was just perfect, I was at the beach, diving, partying and got a nice little tan. The only stupid thing is that my bag is still in Hurghada or somewhere else, I have no idea. With storm Xynthia it’s highly unlikely that it came to Germany yesterday, so I will just wait. I literally have nothing to wear, since I am at my parents and all my stuff is in my bag so I wear trackpants and sweaters from my brother and save the things I was wearing yesterday for if I have to go somewhere.

Today I had a whole wheat bun with cream cheese and fruit salad and I don’t have plans for the rest of the day yet, but I will make plans for that and the rest of the week soon. Once I caught up with reading my mail, blogs and all the other things that you don’t do when you’re on vacation I’ll get back to blog more about lents, eating on vacation and dieting plans.


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I wondered what happened to you! Glad to see you back, safe and sound. The interview and thesis completion sound exciting. As does your little vacation:)

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