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Food Murder

Posted on: February 7, 2010

Dear Diary,
life is going well and I am almost back to being the busy, all-over-the-place person that I used to be before I started writing my thesis and just focusing on that. I am making sure that food and dieting remain a priority, because if I do not pay attention, dramatic things tend to happen. I have been paying close attention to my behavior and discovered a lot of traps and thinking patterns that I have set up in the past and that I now have to get rid of. A perfect example was yesterday: I had a late breakfast because I went out the night before and then went shopping with my roommate. From shopping I was going directly to my friend’s place where I would have dinner that night. I bought a lot of really nice things by the way: pink-grey-black heels which were 70% off, a new make-up brush and the MAC Glamour for All Lipglass (it is probably one of the most special lipglosses I have ever seen). So after getting myself all these nice things I was on my way to the train when I noticed a little hungry feeling in my stomach. I was at the Central Station, where everything from grocery store to Burger King, Starbucks or Swirls Sundae could have catered my need. I chose not to let them. It was 4.30, I would have dinner by 6 and I was just a little hungry (not craving, really hungry) but I knew I would not get cramps or feel dizzy if I waited. So that is exactly what I did. I was very very proud of myself for walking past all the temptations. I looked at my new shoes instead πŸ™‚

Another interesting thing happened to me on thursday night. I got really excited while planning my vacation around 6 pm and then called my friend and we ended up planning and booking it until around 10. And then I watched TV with my roommate until around 11 I felt a little discomfort in my stomach. I had completely FORGOTTEN to eat. That is a huge thing for me, because normally I am so obsessed with food, I NEVER forget to eat. So I had a light sandwich then. But this also showed me that if I have exciting things on my mind, eating is much less important to me. Which is probably what went wrong the last six months, because there were not so many exciting things πŸ™‚ But there will be in the future.

But to get back to the subject of this post: I am going to do a food murder πŸ™‚ Maybe some of you are familiar with the concept of a cosmetics murder (also called project 10 pan): You pick some products that you have had for very long and that you want to get rid of and vow not to buy new stuff until you have used up the old products. So…I have all these amazing healthy things in house and in my freezer and still I keep buying new (and sometimes very unhealthy) stuff. Since a slight possibility exists that I might be moving some time soon, because my budget is kind of tight and I should not buy unhealthy stuff but eat healthy I challenged myself to finish the content of my cupboard and freezer. I am allowed to buy fresh veggies and fruit and cheese or soy milk, should that be necessary but the basics are in house. I’ll take pictures in the kitchen later and post them. Have a nice sunday!!!


2 Responses to "Food Murder"

I am with you – I hardly ever forget to eat! Blogging and reading blogs helps keep me distracted though. My DH and kids could go past a meal and not blink.

I am soooo jealous of people that can do that…I can distract myself to delay eating with blogging and other stuff from my distractions list, but actually FORGETTING only happens very rarely.

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