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Resistance victory and slim tea

Posted on: February 4, 2010

Dear Diary,
this is the first post on my new blog only! Welcome readers and cool that you made the transition. Please do not forget to change your blogrolls, bookmarks and rss-feeds.
I have some very good news to share. Yesterday afternoon I got a job interview and got through to the next round. Since that job would simply be the dream job, I was very very happy. And I wanted to celebrate. A craving for something sweet and chocolaty arose, because that is what I would do in a happy situation: reward myself. Well, that was what the inner child wanted, but: I did not eat any crap! I called my aunt, my parents, watched an episode of One Tree Hill and then went to the gym. I thought the store would be closed by the time I got back, but it wasn’t. I simply walked past it on my way home and was very very proud of myself. I did talk back to my voice of temptation.

Then there is something else I wanted to talk to you about: in Canada, I bought a tea called Slim Tea at the Asian store. You’re supposed to drink it at night and it adds the turbo to you digestion, with a big result in the morning if you understand. I bought a similar tea at the Asian Store in the Netherlands. It says Dieter’s Drink on the package. It just does not work as well as the “Canadian”. It gives my tummy aches and cramps all night long but does not really have a huge influence on my digestion. Do any of you know and have experience with these teas? Would you recommend them?


1 Response to "Resistance victory and slim tea"

Good for you! That tea would make me suspicious. There really are no miracle weight loss cures:(

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