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Weigh in on Blue Monday

Posted on: February 3, 2010

So, I weighed myself this morning and my scale showed me 103.2 kg (227 lbs). That is even more than what I started with!!! I am a little angry with myself, but for stuffing my face with basically everything I could think of for 4 days and then getting it back together but still slipping for 2 more days…what did I expect?

At the same time, this has a huge motivational effect on me. Maybe I should just have weighed in earlier, to face what I have been doing to myself. I will weigh daily from now on, and I know that there are a lot of things to say for not doing so, but I need the control. If I do not weigh in daily, it is harder for me to stay on track because I don’t see the consequences (well I feel them but that is a different story).

I am also really sore from yesterday’s workout…so maybe a tiny little bit of all the weight gained are muscles. That would make me feel a lot better about myself. Ooooh I want to have a two-digit weight so badly. I had it for a week in september, but then my Canadian roommate came to visit and I lost it. Bad bad bad. I want it back!

Today, I already had cereal, soy milk and an apple and for lunch I will have soup and cheese and for dinner red cabbage and goat cheese. Combined with a loooot of H2O this is going to make me feel much better and give me a positive-ish experience on the scale tomorrow. I’ll now make a plan for the week and do all the things I have to do today.


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