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Posted on: February 3, 2010

I can almost see it…my dieting tunnel is still very long, but thanks to the Beck diet I can see the light shining far ahead again. It is obviously way too early to draw any conclusions about the Beck diet working for me, because I am in the hyperactive-überenthusiastic beginning phase and in this phase I stick to any diet, but yesterday went very very well. I planned what I was going to eat (and then ended up eating something different because I ate together with my roommate, but the nutritious value of my meals did not really change) and I did not snack or cheat…even though my roommate asked me to bring her cookies from the store and when she then gave me one I put it in a jar and hid it in my room. I had not planned to eat it, so I wouldn’t. Sticking to the plan made me feel awesome in the morning and I lost a whole pound!

I will be out of the thesis tunnel, on the other hand, very very soon. Today I am at the library all day because that thesis has to be finished somehow. I brought a bar of chocolate (100 gr – the standard size, not the ones I eat/inhale usually). This is a little against what I normally do and of course I am doing it for the wrong reason – I need to motivate myself to finish my thesis. BUT I really need to finish my thesis and that works much better if there is chocolate involved and I don’t have to phantasize about it all the time. Because, as far as the thesis is concerned, I have kind of hit rock bottom, there is not much fun about it anymore and my deadline is Wednesday. From Wednesday on, I’ll take chocolate and food in general off my list of motivators. For now, chocolate is just working too well. I actually hope to be done with the hard writing work tomorrow night so that I won’t need any further encouragement. Besides, from the library I am going straight to the gym. I checked, the chocolate has 540 calories…spending an hour on the cross trainer will burn them again, so that’s what I will do.

And now I will get back to the thesis so that I can stop eating motivator chocolate by tomorrow night!!!


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