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The perfect diet?!?

Posted on: February 3, 2010

Today is day five since I starting twittering my diet. It went superwell until last night, when I had friends over for dinner and not only had carbs and fatty sauce with my dinner, but also half a bottle of Pink Prosecco. It was planned though, and with all the weight I have to lose I am not going to lock myself up in my house and not eat with my friends. I should only not do so every day. And, that’s where I’m struggling right now…after I cheat, I have to get back into my routine. Because that is where it often goes wrong…I occasionally have a good couple of days in which I lose one or two kilos, but then, when my perseverance is used up, the drama comes back. That is why I include cheats and treats. Now I just have to learn how to handle them. ☺

I want to tell you a bit more about the diet I’m following. After having tried a lot of things out there, I realized it is not the diet that it is not that one diet isn’t made for me and the others are not…WW worked very well for me, as long as I sticked to my points. But I did for a couple of days and then went out of control…sounds familiar he? The one diet that worked really well for me two years ago (In 2007 I lost 20 kg in four months and kept that weight for 6 more months) is Metabolic Balance. It works like this: you go see a doctor or a nutritionist who has done a Metabolic Balance training and they your blood. A or so later, you go back and get a full blood test, that might or might not indicate how badly you need a diet (back in the day mine was fine) and a list of foods that you can eat, divided into fruit, veggies, fish, cheese, meat, chicken & poultry, eggs and seeds (maybe I forgot something…but basically no carbs). Some miraculous program makes this list based on your blood…I do not have insights in how that works…but it works. Along with that list you get a list of rules:
You have three meals a day, all consisting of a portion of protein from your list and a portion of vegetables and an optional fruit portion (your list also indicates the size of a portion). One apple a day is mandatory. Between meals there should be a break of five hours. You have to drink three liters of water per day (that amount actually varies per person, in my case it was three, my dad had four). You may eat five (also varies individually) rye crackers per day with your meals. You have to start every meal with a bite of the protein portion. I am not sure these are all the rules, but you get a general idea. Then the diet is split into four phases: the first two days are cleansing days where you drink some cleansing potion in the morning that cleans out your intestines and then have a fruit- or a veggie- or a potato day in order to prepare your body for the time to come. The second phase lasts at least two weeks in which you follow all the rules all the time and only eat food from your list. After two weeks (or until you reached your weight-loss goal) you get another list with some more foods that you can add to your meal plans and you are allowed to “cheat” sometimes. And then, after a long time, you start eating carbs again.

As strict and exhausting all this sounds, it is really worth it! Because you only eat minimally processed foods you start appreciating freshness and quality again. And you feel how your body likes it. After a week my skin got supersupersmooth. You also notice that you like fast food and other things you loved before less and less. I once had a very weird experience with a Twix bar…it was the first thing I ate after my first two weeks and I got a very bad headache from it. So this diet is (kind of) what I am doing now. I am doing it a little less strict, I eat some things that are not on my list but that I really like, for example mandarins and strawberries, sometimes my breaks are a little shorter than five hours and I drink champagne or prosecco from time to time. Life would just be too boring without that ☺ Oh and then there are the cheating days…which I will have to learn to handle once more. And even though I am following the little less strict version, it will work. As long as I don’t overdo it and learn to regain control after cheating. I’ll tweet how that is going…


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