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The Beck Diet

Posted on: February 3, 2010

I finished all the statistics I had to do yesterday and went home to my house in the Netherlands. Yesterday was also an okay-eating day, I had a danish for lunch (my mum bought it for me) and a salad and some pudding for dinner. So when I got here, there it was: the complete Beck Diet for Life. I have read on some other blogs about it and got very excited. Maybe this was what I needed all along: all my failed diets, being miserable about my weight for the last 10 years…as I tend to overthink almost everything I do, it is very probable that I should use cognitive tools for dieting, not only nutrition facts. So I started reading and I just finished all the chapters on the first stage. I made a diet notebook, response cards and all the other things that the book tells you to do as a preparation. The only thing that I don’t have right now is a diet buddy. So if anybody out there is also doing this and you still need a buddy…please let me know. I’d be very happy to go the journey together.

Also, I discovered my first very very very bad habit. Of course everybody always says: “don’t eat in front of the TV” but I always watch series during meals, because otherwise I am just bored. I often don’t even leave my desk for a meal, just watch a series, shove the plate to the side and continue working/procrastinating. Well…probably not a very good idea. Especially because I am always done eating after like five minutes and since then there is at least 15 minutes left (or for longer series 35) I just continue eating. Bad bad bad. Well, better discover this late than never. So this morning, I took all my clothes off my couch (I have to fold them later) and sat down on the couch with the table in front of me and focused on breakfast. And on chewing often and eating slowly. It was interesting. No big changes, but I will keep doing this and tell you about it. And watching series will become something to do after a meal – nice side-effect: avoid keeping to eat and notice feeling full (which only happens after 20 mins as we know).

So I am really really excited about this…a lot of things are open doors, like for example planning what I eat: I’ve been doing it for the last two years. Only sticking to it is the problem but I got a lot of great tools for that. I had soymilk, oatmeal and banana this morning and I’ll have chicken soup for lunch now. Oooh and I visited a Power Yoga lesson at the gym this morning for the first time with this instructor and it was really great! I’ll make it my regular friday morning lesson.


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