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Lightblue Tuesday

Posted on: February 3, 2010

So…I weighed myself again this morning and I had already lost 300 grams of my drama weight. Even though, I have to confess, while I was collecting the last questionnaires for my thesis research yesterday and gave chocolate to the respondents I ate a lot of that chocolate myself. But I didn’t eat anything after 7.30 pm. So I felt good this morning. Using the flat belly cream and the problem zone gel also really helps…it makes the chubby areas on my body a little firmer. I had soy milk and cereal for breakfast and then took the train to my parent’s, because I have to finish my thesis but my computer won’t open the statistics programme. My mum’s does so I’m safe now. Just a lot of work ahead. I just had lunch with my mum, we had pasta with mushrooms and pesto. That is neutral in terms of healthiness and diet value…normally I’d rather not eat carbs but my mum has her very own diet philosophy (she only has two meals a day) and our sharing of ideas never ends well. So that is what I had for lunch and I will now just stay away from anything else until dinner time, which will be at 7. I’ll probably have a whole-grain cheese sandwich and some pickles. Since I am in Germany I will miss my Pilates class tonight, but maybe my mum and I will go Nordic Walking tomorrow in the morning. Of course I also have to weigh myself here in order to stay on track, but the scale is a little bit different from mine. I received an email yesterday that my Beck Diet book is to be delivered to my house in the Netherlands today. Which is stupid because I am not there…but oh well, I can get it on thursday or friday. And since my thesis deadline is next wednesday chances are small that I am going to start reading it before then.
I also have a new motivation: I kind of have a date at the beginning of february with a good friend and there has been something in the air for a long time…of course I want to look very very pretty for that 🙂


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