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Posted on: February 3, 2010

I am sorry I did not blog for a week, nor did I really share my meals on Twitter. I was distracted by my thesis and the uncertainty that is my future…not knowing what is ahead stresses me a little. Good thing about being stressed this time: I did not take it out on my eating, just by not blogging. I stuck to my plan exactly until friday. Since the plan involved going out for sushi on wednesday and tapas on thursday it was not really bad and we only had three rounds of sushi (which made me weigh 1.5 kgs more the next day nevertheless), not more than I planned and also not a crazy amount of Tapas. Still, I didn’t want to face the misery and stopped weighing until today and I have only gained 500 gr, so I don’t have to start over. Which is a good thing. On friday, after my thesis meeting which went really well but not as well as I had hoped I bought a Mars Delight bar and Caramel Chocolate to console myself. So much for resisting emotional eating.

I spent the weekend at my parents, where I was very busy so I did not open my Diet Diary once or read my cards. BAD BAD me. So even though my weight did not go up as I would have expected for a weekend without planning and resisting I feel like my dieting skills have not really improved. But I will keep working on them. My resistance to temptations is still non-existent when it is really needed (like in emotional eating situations). I do not even get to the point of talking back to my inner “I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW”-voice. I’ll listen to myself very carefully and try to interfere with it before it can interfere with my plans. I remember that I was once able to do that, but splurging for the last two years whenever the opportunity presented itself has made me weak. I feel that once I have that strength back, I am able to stand most temptations. Do you have any tips for me? I now start a dialogue with myself when I approach “dangerous” situations and that helps, but sometimes, when my inner child decides it doesn’t want the dialogue it just switches off.

And somehow, sweets are still an essential part of my day. Even though I decided that last week I would try to live without them, I ended up drinking a smoothie with chocolate sprinkles. I am trying to decide now if I should focus on all the bad habits and dieting skills at once or approach them one by one.


1 Response to "Distractions"

So I see you made the jump to wordpresscom.. I did today too! Not sure what I think yet but I got to bring most of my blog comments and posts with me:) Now I need to get everyone, you included, to change my link on their blogrolls so no one goes back to the old page. Sigh. And I need to get some design help to make mine look like I want.

I wish I had good tips for you. I have struggled myself for so long. I can say that I have really been focusing on thinking about how much I would rather be thinner than eat that cookie, or whatever. And it really helps me to get on the computer, either on my own blog, visiting others, or my favorite diet forum – 3FC. It keeps me from eating and makes me feel accountable.

Can you find a sweet that isn’t so bad? I have been eating a lot of sugar free chocolate pudding lately.

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