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Bright wednesday

Posted on: February 3, 2010

So…after I did not eat yesterday after 7.30 pm (and I was up until 4 am) I felt amazing this morning. Unfortunately the scale did not reflect that, it told me I was 103.4 kg. But it’s my mum’s scale, and as my mum can sometimes be mean about my weight, so is her scale. It’s just different from mine so I am just enjoying the feeling of a flat (well…) stomach. I am superduperbusy with my thesis, so I am planning on staying inside today and get a lot of work done. Maybe I should go for a walk at some point, just so I get fresh air and move a little bit. I will wait until it’s dark so that I don’t have to do my hair and make-up 🙂 Because I was up so late I slept in and had breakfast at 11.30…so my lunch will be at 4 and my dinner at 8. Lunch will be a whole grain bun with cheese and pickles and some yoghurt and dinner…I have no idea yet. I’ll talk to my mum later to find out what’s in stock 😛 Or else I could maybe do my walk in the dark to the grocery store and get something nice and healthy. So I can get on that mean scale tomorrow again.

Ooooh and I am so excited to go back to my house in the Netherlands. My Beck’s Diet book is there, and a lot of nail polish my roomie and I ordered from the US arrived yesterday. I can’t wait to go there and try it. But no! The thesis is on…


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